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Low temperature insulated gas cylinder

A low-temperature insulated gas cylinder is a container used to store cryogenic liquids. It is mainly composed of an inner tank, an outer shell, an insulation layer and a safety device. The inner tank is used to store low-temperature liquid, the outer shell protects the inner tank, and the insulation layer is used to prevent the low-temperature liquid from evaporating. Safety devices are used to prevent cryogenic liquids from leaking or exploding.

Low temperature insulated gas cylinder

The main advantages of low-temperature insulated gas cylinders are:
It can effectively prevent low-temperature liquids from evaporating and extend the service life of low-temperature liquids.
Small size, easy to transport and store.
High safety, with multiple safety protection devices.

The application range of cryogenic insulated gas cylinders is very wide, including:
Scientific research laboratory: used to store low-temperature reagents such as liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, and liquid argon.
Industrial production: used to store low-temperature gases such as liquid natural gas and liquid carbon dioxide.
Medical industry: used to store low-temperature medical supplies such as liquid helium and liquid nitrogen.
Cryogenic insulated gas cylinder is an important cryogenic equipment that plays an important role in various fields.

When purchasing low-temperature insulated gas cylinders, you need to consider the following factors:
Type and temperature of storage media.
Storage volume.
Safety performance.

Jiangsu Huazhong Gas Co., Ltd. can also provide you with low-temperature insulated gas cylinders of different volumes, specifications, and working pressures.


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