Provide customers with a variety of gases and one-stop comprehensive gas solutions

Jiangsu Huazhong Gas Co., Ltd.


It is a gas production enterprise dedicated to providing services for semiconductor, panel, solar photovoltaic, LED, machinery manufacturing, chemical, medical, food, scientific research and other industries. The company is engaged in sales of industrial electronic gases, standard gases, high-purity gases, medical g ases, and special gases; sales of gas cylinders and accessories, chemical products; information technology consulting services, etc.

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  • 300 +

    300 cooperative enterprises with professional technical personnel to serve you and ensure your information security throughout the entire process

  • 5000 +

    More than 5000 cooperative clients, professional technical personnel serve you throughout the entire process to ensure your information security.

  • 166

    166 product patents, with professional technical personnel serving you throughout the entire process to ensure your information security.

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Our Core Strengths

Adhering to the business philosophy of Reassurance , Professionalism ,Quality , and Service " and the corporate vision of Exceeding industrytandards and exceeding customer expectations

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    Efficient logistics system

    32 low-temperature tank vehicles, 40 hazardous chemical transport vehicles
    The cooperative customers in the region cover the Huaihai Economic Zone cities such as Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Anhui, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc.
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    Flexible and diverse air supply methods

    The supply mode of the company's products is flexible, and it can provide bottled gas, liquid gas retail mode, or bulk gas consumption mode such as pipeline gas supply and on-site gas production according to the customer category and different needs for gas consumption. According to the production needs of customers at different stages, the company can match the gas types, specifications and usage volumes that are suitable for them, plan the appropriate gas supply mode, and customize a one-stop gas supply service solution including production, distribution, service, etc.
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    Good brand reputation

    Relying on rich products and perfect services, the company has continuously improved its position in the industry, established a good brand image, and has formed a good reputation in China.
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    Experienced production and management team

    The company currently has 4 gas factories, 4 Class A warehouses, 2 Class B warehouses, with an annual output of 2.1 million bottles of industrial, special and electronic gases, 4 sets of low-temperature liquid air storage areas, with a storage capacity of 400 tons, and 30 years of industrial gas Safety production management experience
    There are 4 registered safety engineers and 12 technicians with intermediate and senior titles.

Industry Application

Provide customers with a variety of gases and one-stop comprehensive gas solutions

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Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry





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    Human May, early summer leisurely, half is green, half is flowers. Let us freeze the full vitality of the early summer in our hearts, charge for ourselves, and go hand in hand on the road to the future, moving forward together, and taking a firm step towards a better future. In-depth safety inspection, strict management […]

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    On the afternoon of April 2nd, Jiangsu Huazhong Gas Co., Ltd. invited Director Zhai of East Ring Police Station of Xuzhou Public Security Bureau to the company to conduct staff training activities with the theme of "Prevention of Economic Crimes and Control of business risks". This theme training activity aims to enhance employees' legal awareness, […]

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    In the spring rain in March, the seeds we have worked hard to plant have taken root and sprouted, thriving; In the warm spring light of April, may they blossom all over the trees and flowers. Strengthen internal risk control and optimize and improve management methods Special deployment meeting on strengthening management and rectifying work […]

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