Why we stand out from the competition

Adhering to the "rest assured,Professionalism, quality, service" and enterprise "Beyond industry standards, beyond Customer expectations", has won wide trust and Affirmation from customers

Efficient logistics system

32 low-temperature tank vehicles, 40 hazardous chemical transport vehicles Cooperative customers in the region cover cities in the Huaihai Economic Zone such as Sulu, Henan and Anhui

Flexible and diverse gas supply methods

The supply method of the company's products is flexible, and can provide retail models for bottled gas, liquid gas, or bulk gas consumption models

Good brand reputation

The company relies on rich products and comprehensive services to continuously enhance its position in the industry and establish a good brand image, which has formed a good reputation in the Chinese region.

Experienced production and management team

The company currently has 4 gas factories, 4 Class A warehouses, and 2 Class B warehouses, with an annual production of 2.1 million bottles of industrial, special, and electronic gases


Making it easy:a simple
guide to our proces

step 1
Contact us

You can contact us to provide your gas demand and detailed address

step 2
View quotation

We will contact you to discuss your needs and assess the best solution for you, taking your consumption into consideration

step 3
Confirm an order

After both parties reach a consensus, determine the cooperation intention and reach a cooperation agreement

Customer service is online 24 hours a day.

Under the guidance of the values of "sincerity, love, efficiency and responsibility", we have an independent after-sales service system for distribution, OEM and end customers. The online and offline service team is responsible for the entire product life cycle.

Training support: dealers and OEM after-sales service teams provide product technical guidance, training and troubleshooting solutions;

Online service: 24-hour online service team;

Local service teams: local service teams in 96 countries and regions including Asia, South America,Africa, and Europe.


The packaging safety of most of
our products is guaranteed.

Product packaging

Huazhong Gas has a professional packaging company that can provide suitable packaging forms according to your needs.

Product quality inspection

All production plants of Huazhong Gas adopt the most advanced international standards for operation and management, with integrated world-class management to eliminate product quality issues.

Product loading

We have 32 low-temperature tank trucks and 40 hazardous chemical transportation vehicles, and our regional cooperative customers cover cities in the Huaihai Economic Zone such as Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, and Anhui, as well as Zhejiang, Guangdong, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Ningxia, as well as Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc.

Product after-sales service

We have a professional service team composed of equipment engineers, instrument engineers, gas application engineers, and analysis engineers, providing comprehensive solutions to gas problems encountered by users in the future.