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"The main source of helium is natural gas wells. It is obtained through liquefaction and stripping operations.

Due to the shortage of helium in the world, many applications have recovery systems to recover helium. "

Purity or Quantity carrier volume
99.999%/99.9999% cylinder 40L/47L


"Helium is inert and is the least soluble liquid of all gases, so it is used as a pressurized gas. Because of its inertness, helium is used as a component in neutral gases, for example, in heat treatment applications where a protective atmosphere is required.

Helium is widely used in the welding industry as an inert shielding gas for arc welding. It is also used in conjunction with helium ("leak") detectors to test the integrity of manufactured components and systems. "


Solar Photovoltaic
Machinery Manufacturing
Chemical Industry
Medical Treatment
Scientific Research

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