Jiangsu Huazhong Gas Co., Ltd. successfully held the prevention of economic crime and control of business risk training activities


On the afternoon of April 2nd, Jiangsu Huazhong Gas Co., Ltd. invited Director Zhai of East Ring Police Station of Xuzhou Public Security Bureau to the company to conduct staff training activities with the theme of "Prevention of Economic Crimes and Control of business risks". This theme training activity aims to enhance employees' legal awareness, prevent economic crimes, and further ensure the steady development of the company's business. At the same time, it is also an in-depth study of the latest laws, regulations and policy documents.

In this training activity, Director Zhai gave an in-depth explanation on the characteristics, types, prevention measures and business risk identification and control of economic crimes. In addition, from the three perspectives of economic crime investigation, enterprise duty crime and prevention, enterprise operation risk and prevention, combined with the current new era ideas and cases of the world, I will explain and train our employees in a simple way. During the training process, many employees were attracted by a large number of practical cases and deeply realized the importance of complying with laws and regulations.

In addition, the training also analyzed the potential risks in the company's daily operation and put forward targeted preventive measures. Through training, employees not only master the methods and skills to identify risks, assess risks and deal with risks, but also learn how to strengthen internal control in daily work and prevent the occurrence of economic crimes.

The company attaches great importance to this training activity and regards it as an important measure to improve the level of corporate governance and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. The relevant leaders of the company said that they will further strengthen the legal education and risk awareness training of employees, and constantly improve the internal management system to ensure the compliance and robustness of the company's business activities.


The successful holding of this training activity not only enhanced the legal awareness and risk awareness of employees, but also laid a solid foundation for the sustainable and healthy development of the company. In the future, the company will continue to increase training efforts, promote the participation of all employees in risk management and legal compliance work, and jointly create a good atmosphere of integrity, law-abiding and stable operation.

With the joint efforts of all employees, Jiangsu Huazhong Gas Co., Ltd. will be able to remain invincible in the fierce market competition and achieve more brilliant results.