Jiangsu Central Gas Co., Ltd. February summary


Winter has gone, at the beginning of the New Year, in the bright spring days, with the attitude of efforts, not good time in the spring, wind and rain, meet better themselves.


1.Jiangsu Huazhong Gas Co., LTD. 2024 annual ceremony

On February 2, "Take advantage of the momentum, innovation breakthrough, honing the line of Zhiyuan" Jiangsu Huazhong Gas Co., Ltd. 2023 annual summary and commendation conference and 2024 Spring Festival ceremony was successfully held, and employee representatives gathered in Xuzhou to celebrate the ceremony. In 2023, Jiangsu Huazhong Gas Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of "rest assured, professional, quality and service", and aims to "lead the industry standard, exceed customer expectations, and encourage high-quality development", and successfully creates the cultural essence of one heart and one heart. However, the advance of Huazhong Gas is more than this, and the contribution to the development of photovoltaic and semiconductor is far from the end. In the future, we will continue to adhere to the corporate values of "safety, quality-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, and service first" and set sail again!

Wang Shuai, chairman of Jiangsu Huazhong Gas Co., Ltd. delivered a speech at the party, reviewing the achievements and shortcomings in 2023, and also putting forward eager expectations for the company's development in 2024. He called on all employees: In 2024, continue to devote themselves to work with full passion, forge ahead, unite and cooperate, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in annual performance!

The brilliant achievements in 2023 cannot be separated from the hard work of the employees. At the evening party, the outstanding employees and teams of this year were commended and awarded awards.

Jiangsu Huazhong Gas Co., Ltd. each employee has their own unique skills and talents, enjoy the display, such as bright stars on the stage, let people dizzying. On behalf of all the staff, they wish the New Year to reach new heights and achieve new achievements.

2. Central China Strength, Chinese Dream

Bidding farewell to the year of 2023 with great achievements and ushering in the year of 2024 with great hope, Jiangsu Central China Group Qinghai Branch held a year-end celebration with the theme of "Central China Strength, Chinese Dream" at the beginning of 2024.

At the evening party, the Qinghai Branch summarized the work in 2023 and clarified the new annual work direction and goals, and commended the excellent employees and teams of the branch in 2023. Finally, in the wonderful performance and laughter of the employees, Qinghai Huazhong Gas Co., Ltd. 2023 annual meeting ceremony and annual commendation conference was successfully concluded.

3.Deepen the development of Chuzhou

On February 19, Chuzhou City's "double recruitment and double citation" work mobilization meeting was held in Chuzhou Grand Theatre, and Party Secretary Xu Jiwei attended the meeting and gave a speech. On behalf of Chairman Wang Shuai, Mr. Tang signed a major investment attraction project in Chuzhou City. This meeting has laid a firm foundation for the expansion of cooperation of Huazhong Gas in Chuzhou, and has a significant positive impact on promoting project landing, optimizing the business environment, enhancing brand influence, obtaining industry information, and strengthening regional economic cooperation, so as to achieve higher quality development.

4.Anhui Huazhong Semiconductor Material Co., Ltd. was honored

On February 19, Quanjiao County held a private enterprise tax top ten, mu of hero commendation conference, Anhui Huazhong Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd. achieved the third place in 2023 tax, mu of hero first excellent results.