HuaZhong gas special plan - Goddess garden party


In the spring season, we usher in the 114th International Working Women's Day. In order to celebrate this special festival, Central China Gas carried out a special plan on the afternoon of March 8, and successfully held the March 8 Women's Day floriculture activities with the theme of "Goddess Garden Party". This event aims to show the unique charm of female employees, enrich the cultural life of employees, and also send a warm holiday blessing to all female employees.

HuaZhong gas special plan - Goddess garden party

At 2 p.m. on March 8, the 9th floor hall of the company was decorated like a dream, with all kinds of flowers, green leaves and exquisite flower tools placed in good order. The female employees who participated in the event were full of expectations, whether they were flower lovers or first timers, but with a love of beauty and the anticipation of the festival.


At the beginning of the event, professional florists introduced the basic knowledge and skills of florists in detail, including how to choose flowers, how to match colors, how to make bouquets, etc. Under the guidance of the florist, the female employees have hands-on practice, they either create alone, or cooperate with each other, will be a blossoming flower, a piece of green leaves clever collocation, to produce a beautiful floral works.

In the activity, everyone exchanged flower art experience and shared the joy of the festival. The atmosphere was warm and warm, with laughter and exclamations. It not only shows the creativity and dexterity of female employees, but also deepens the friendship and understanding between colleagues.

The flower art activity not only made the female employees spend a happy holiday, but also showed their positive and pursuit of a better life spirit. Huazhong Gas will continue to pay attention to the spiritual and cultural life of employees, hold more colorful activities, and create a more harmonious and beautiful working environment for employees.


On this special day, Huazhong Gas would like to extend the most sincere blessings to all female employees, hoping that they will continue to exert their unique charm and wisdom in the future days, and contribute more to the development of the company. At the same time, Huazhong Gas is also looking forward to working together with all employees in the coming days to write a more brilliant future chapter of the company.