How cold is liquid co2


Liquid carbon dioxide temperature range

The temperature range of liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) depends on its pressure conditions. According to the information provided, carbon dioxide can exist as a liquid below its triple point temperature -56.6°C (416kPa). However, in order for carbon dioxide to remain liquid, specific temperature and pressure conditions are required.


Liquefaction conditions of carbon dioxide

Normally, carbon dioxide is a colorless and odorless gas at normal temperature and pressure. In order to convert it into a liquid state, the temperature must be lowered and the pressure must be raised. Liquid carbon dioxide exists in a temperature range of -56.6°C to 31°C (-69.88°F to 87.8°F), and the pressure during this process needs to be greater than 5.2bar, but less than 74bar (1073.28psi). This means that carbon dioxide can exist in a liquid state only above 5.1 atmospheres of pressure (atm), in the temperature range of -56°C to 31°C.

how cold is liquid co2

Security considerations

It is important to note that both liquid and solid carbon dioxide are extremely cold and may cause frostbite if accidentally exposed. Therefore, when handling liquid carbon dioxide, appropriate safety measures must be taken, such as wearing protective gloves and using special tools to prevent direct skin contact. In addition, when storing or transporting liquid carbon dioxide, it should also be ensured that the container can withstand the pressure changes that may occur at different temperatures.


In summary, the presence of liquid carbon dioxide requires specific temperature and pressure conditions. Be safe and take appropriate precautions when handling and storing liquid carbon dioxide.