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Hydrogen is most commonly produced for on-site use by steam reforming of natural gas. These plants could also be used as a source of hydrogen for the commercial market. Other sources are electrolysis plants, where hydrogen is a by-product of chlorine production, and various waste gas recovery plants, such as oil refineries or steel plants (coke oven gas). Hydrogen can also be produced by electrolysis of water.

Purity or Quantity carrier volume
99.99% cylinder 40L


"Hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, flammable gas and is the lightest gas known. Hydrogen is generally non-corrosive, but at high pressure and temperature, hydrogen can cause embrittlement of some steel grades. Hydrogen is non-toxic, But not life sustaining, it is a suffocating agent.

High-purity hydrogen is widely used as a reducing agent and carrier gas in the electronics industry. "


Solar Photovoltaic
Machinery Manufacturing
Chemical Industry
Medical Treatment
Scientific Research

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