Other specifications of packaging can be provided according to customer requirements



Purity or Quantity carrier volume
14%/86% cylinder 40L


"Mixed gas is generally composed of CO2, 2 and 02, etc. Among them, CO2 has the effect of inhibiting the development of filamentous bacteria (mold) and aerophilic bacteria;
N2 has the effect of resisting and preventing the development of bacteria. O2 can oxidize vitamins and fats. The tissue of fresh meat, fish and shellfish is active, and it consumes oxygen continuously. Under anaerobic conditions, myoglobin, the muscle pigment, is reduced to a dark color ,
That is to say, beef and fish cannot keep fresh without oxygen. A small amount of ethylene oxide can also be added to the fresh-keeping mixed gas to enhance the ability to kill bacteria. "


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Machinery Manufacturing
Chemical Industry
Medical Treatment
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