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carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is produced in many industrial processes, such as synthetic ammonia raw material gas, yellow phosphorus production tail gas, blast furnace gas and converter gas in the iron and steel industry. From the perspective of carbon monoxide resources, the amount of steel plant gas is huge. The purity of carbon monoxide is high and the demand is not special. On large occasions, carbon monoxide production devices are often built, or by-product gas with low processing costs is used. The commonly used methods are coke oxygen method, carbon dioxide and charcoal reduction method. The charcoal layer of carbon dioxide passed into the electric furnace is reduced to carbon monoxide. Synthetic ammonia and copper washing Regenerated gas method

Purity or Quantity carrier volume
99.9% cylinder 40L

carbon monoxide

Normally it is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas. In terms of physical properties, carbon monoxide has a melting point of -205°C [69] and a boiling point of -191.5°C [69] , and is hardly soluble in water (the solubility in water at 20°C is 0.002838g [1] ), and it is difficult to liquefy and solidify. In terms of chemical properties, carbon monoxide has both reducing and oxidizing properties, and can undergo oxidation reactions (combustion reactions), disproportionation reactions, etc.; at the same time, it is toxic, and it can cause poisoning symptoms to varying degrees in high concentrations, and endanger the human body. Heart, liver, kidney, lung and other tissues may even die like electric shock. The minimum lethal concentration for human inhalation is 5000ppm (5 minutes).


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