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Argon gas cylinder

The 40L argon gas cylinder is a gas cylinder commonly used in industry and is mainly used in welding, cutting, gas protection and other fields. The gas cylinder is composed of a steel outer shell and an inner tank. The outer shell has undergone anti-corrosion treatment, and the inner tank has undergone strict testing and has good safety and service life.

Argon gas cylinder

The volume of the 40L argon gas cylinder is 40 liters, the wall thickness of the cylinder is 5.7mm, the working pressure is 150bar, the water pressure test pressure is 22.5MPa, and the air tightness test pressure is 15MPa. The cylinder has a service life of 10 years and can be reused.

The 40L argon gas cylinder has excellent welding performance and can weld various metal materials with high quality and beautiful welds. This gas cylinder can also be used in cutting, gas protection and other fields, with a wide range of applications.
When using a 40L argon gas cylinder, you should pay attention to the following safety precautions:
Do not apply heat or open flame to gas cylinders.
It is prohibited to use gas cylinders in high temperature and high pressure environments.
Welding or cutting operations near gas cylinders are prohibited.
After use, the cylinder valve should be closed.

The 40L argon gas cylinder is an indispensable piece of equipment in industrial production with good performance and safety. During use, attention should be paid to safe operation to ensure safe use.

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